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Entrasys CLI Cliff Notes - VLANs

Show current configuration (Cisco "show running-config" equivalent): B5(su)->show config Creating VLANs: B5(su)-> set vlan create 278 VLAN membership is done with "set" and "clear" global commands. For example if I want to add VLAN 278 as tagged on ge.1.1: B5(su)->set vlan egress 278 ge.1.1 tagged And if I want to do the same to ports 2-48...: B5(su)->set vlan egress 278 ge.1.2-48 tagged Removing VLAN 278 tagged from port 3: B5(su)->clear vlan egress 278 ge.1.3 tagged If you need to set the PVID for a port: B5(su)-> set port vlan ge.1.2 500 Setting an IP address on the VLAN: B5(su)->router B5(su)->router>enable B5(su)->router#configure terminal B5(su)->router(Config)#interface vlan 20 B5(su)->router(Config-if(Vlan 278))#ip address B5(su)->router(Config-if(Vlan 275))# no shutdown B5(su)->router(Config-if(Vlan 275))#exit B5(su)->router(Config)#exit B5(s